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Affordable Animated Explainer Video Studios

Many explainer video companies want to make your video. Some of them are affordable, some are expensive and some are either good or not so good. What you’re looking for is for an explainer video that works and done right. An explainer video that has a disorganized presentation may backfire—confusing and turning off viewers instead of turning them into loyal customers.

explainerIf you’re on a very, very tight budget, technology can help you create your own explainer video at a low cost. Even if you have no animation experience, there are animation softwares for those with basic computer skills—and some of them are free. It may not be as good compared to those done by professionals, but you’re it doing for your company, products or services, which you know better than anyone else. It a great way to use your creativity while starting a business.

Here’s the steps to create your own explainer video:

  • 1. Write a well-written script
  • 2. Record a voiceover
  • 3. Shoot the video
  • 4. Add music and sound effects

Another cost effective way is to create a DIY live action video. You can film your own explainer video using a smartphone, or if you want to improve its quality, use a high-end professional camera.

Maybe you’re not confident enough to make your own explainer video. The next best thing to do to lower the cost is to hire a freelancer. There are many experienced freelancers out there that can create high-quality explainer videos as good, if not better, as videos done by large production companies.

If you want an explainer video with a guarantee to look great, hire a talented professional video studio. Of course, if you take this option, be prepared to shell out $5000 – $20000 as service payment. With professional video experts making your explainer video, you are certain that the video has all the necessities plus extras needed to make it effective.